Sissy maid locked up tight

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November 11, 2013
Mommy’s Sexy leg’s
December 10, 2013
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Sissy maid locked up tight

My sissy maid is un deniably quite a naughty one!
She just never quit’s mis-behaving so I taught her a little lesson. I grabbed her off the street and
bound her wrist’s with zip tie’s she really fought at first but then she got tired and she was a lot easier
to play with. This is what happened when after I left her in my powder room.
I walked in on her in my panties with her hands all over her tiny cock and that is a no no!

We have company coming after all she need’s to learn patience so now I have her locked in a cock cage so she can not play with that teeny tiny cock!

I just could not help myself I made sure and took plenty of picture’s with my little cam I hid away before she got all dressed up and pretty. She was so humiliated how I laughed as I rubbed the front of her pantie’s making her struggle even more.
Like a Spider playing with a fly I kept this going for hour’s!



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