Mommy’s Sexy leg’s

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November 26, 2013
Mommy’s filthy threesome
December 23, 2013
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Mommy’s Sexy leg’s

Mommy has such sexy leg’s.
I secretly like to watch her leg’s when she is least expecting me.
She is trying on a body suit right now as I watch and it makes her leg’s look lickable!
I really wanna run up behind mommy and grab her tit’s and ass bend her over the chair
and make a sticky mess on her legs.

I think if I did mommy would beg me to pound her silky pussy.
Maybe I would so that for her but maybe if I wanna be real naughty I would make her wait.
I wanna be the one in her big bed at night that has her spread wide and her sexy leg’s wrapped all
around me as I plunge into her with my hard cock.

Mommy really should keep her curtain’s closed cause I am not the only one who like’s to watch.
I saw him today next door with his hand’s in his pant’s looking right at my mommy when she had
her tit’s out. I wonder if mommy would give him a talking too?



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