pantie obsession

Domme Victoria
August 7, 2013
Hell on Heels
August 22, 2013
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pantie obsession

You have not really lived till you played with a pantie obsessed man!

Jason is so into setting such a dirty scene for me when he cum’s over.

I walk in and his living room is covered in pile’s of pantie’s and he is

naked stroking his huge hard cock with a pair of wet red silk panties.

He is laying on the rug and moaning as he handle’s his fuck pump.

He beckon’s to me and I fall under his spell.

I walk over and strip down to my pantie’s and stand over his face then as he is tug’s on

he leans his face up and wraps his tongue into my pantie’s worshiping my pussy with his

soft mouth I feel my juice’s cum down and he pulls his tongue out and let’s my panties catch all the cream. He groans low as he slips my pantie’s slowly and down and then lick’s them clean and stuff’s them inside my pussy and thrust’s into me.

Dirty man~! I love it!



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