Hell on Heels

pantie obsession
August 20, 2013
September 2, 2013
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Hell on Heels

So much pleasure from high heels they have so many uses from making you feel all sexy and all woman to grinding the heel of the shoe into someone cock and watch him squirm to making him scream from the pain you love inflicting on him.Having him strip and humiliate him infront of his family and friends the taking the heel of those awesome shoes of yours and inflicting the pain he so needs and deserves.He blushes bright red from the humiliation and he will scream from the pain.What more could you ask for except to maybe cuckold him also.Let him watch while his wife gets fucked by his best friend since he was fucking his best friends wife and he so got caught.And now its time to pay the piper though he would so get away with it but nope he shouldn;t have left his diaper behind.He pleads and begs for this not to happen promising he will never do that again but its so too late for promises.



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