my personal sex toy

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February 23, 2008
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February 28, 2008
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my personal sex toy

Emma Girl

  Can you think of how hot it would be to be maybe 10-11” tall and get used in-between my legs? You would be the perfect size to be a little living sex toy for me. I could take you by your tiny feet and work you in headfirst right inside my wet pussy. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I want you to be my little toy, I think so <wink>

  Maybe you just want to be normal sized and have me sit and squirm on your face? I am very into face sitting too. I could wrap my thighs tightly around you and ride your face. Lifting up just enough for you to catch your breath and then lowering right over your nose and mouth.    Just some things on my mind today guys. 



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