my dirty secret for the week

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February 17, 2008
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February 20, 2008
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my dirty secret for the week

     Hi Emma again. One thing I was amazed to learn about the adult industry was the amount of people into fetishes. I get my share of sex call but the majority are kinky. The number one fetish I get asked to provide? That would be for me as a Giantess. I get a lot of those that crave for body parts of mine to grow to crazy proportions. My breasts are already large, but some like them to continue to grow and grow. So there’s my secret for the day. Sure some phone sex callers want to suck my tits and fuck my pussy, but a lot of them need something more. If you’d like your very own macrophile story recorded by me, then let me know because I do those too. That way you can hear it over and over anytime you wish.




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