facesitting heel worship

Latex, diapers and other sexy things…
December 9, 2012
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December 10, 2012
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facesitting heel worship

I wonder what our next night will be like the first night we met was all about facesitting&heel worship. You walked into my place just a shy little submissive.I intimidated you right away with my ethereal raw sexiness, my creamy skin looked as if it would be very soft you ached to touch me. I was very clear about the rules You were not allowed to look me in the eyes. Only time you could speak when you are beckoned to do so.

The last one was the one that most frightened you, with out hesitation you had to follow my every direction,No matter what was asked of you. You stole a glance at me seeing my rocking body in encased by that shiny black latex catsuit and on my feet I wore matching shiny black heels. I snapped my fingers and told you to lay on the big bed in the middle of the room. You were laying down instantly then you watched as I got undressed.”You are absolutely not allowed to touch yourself until I am served and satisfied, Nod if you understand?” You nodded My beautiful breasts were now visible my nipples were both very hard. You saw my delectable pussy with a small tuft of hair. I started to climb onto your face “service me sub!” I said and I did not need to tell you twice you started licking me and nuzzling and sucking my wet clit. I moaned as you slid your tongue in and around my hot box, then started to burst forth my sweet berry juices you swallowed it all down. I climbed off of you and stood next to the bed and you stayed laying down til I told you to get on all fours I lifted my heel that I had on and said worship my heel sub. You crawled over to my heel and kissed and held and licked my heel all over making it shiny with your saliva.Then I pushed you away and said “lovely, sub I can see my self in my heel!” Very Loyal of you not so shy anymore.

Kisses Crissy



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