dirty beach boyfriend

Latex Fetish
June 22, 2013
A sexy diaper girl knocks on your door…
July 7, 2013
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dirty beach boyfriend

I see you over there watching me from behind that tree maybe you are watching me that thought makes me,feel so sexy & powerful. I wonder if you would like it if I started putting my hand down beneath my bikini bottom, I pull it aside so my silky pussy lips are exposed for you to see. I am so turned on now I lean back in the water and I arch my back feel’s so good the water cover’s my soft thigh’s I really need to play with my tit’s now being so horny from this feeling of your hand’s touching me I untie my top and my perky tit’s are exposed. Awake with need I imagine you laying me down on the sand and pulling my legs apart slipping your tongue in my bikini bottom and exploring my hot,wet clit.

Oooh, yeahhh be my dirty beach boyfriend we can roll around in the sand all night long!



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