A sexy diaper girl knocks on your door…

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June 27, 2013
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July 22, 2013
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A sexy diaper girl knocks on your door…

A sexy diaper girl knock’s on your door and you greet her with a horny smile.She looks so hot you think as you look her up and down you notice her skirt is just short enough to see her puffy white diaper. You have plans for her she looks so good then you lead her into the living room start slipping her coat off and then you drink her in as the coat fall’s to the floor.

She has the sexiest body you have ever seen that tight white t-shirt cling’s to her full breast’s that is when she lays back on the couch and spreads her leg’s wide for you.Her tight pussy is in full view as you pull her diaper open and finger her wet slit then slip your tongue in and suck her clit harder and harder, lashing your tongue deeper inside her. She is grinding her thigh’s into your cheeks as her legs are over your shoulder’s.

The moment hit’s you and you lean up and slip her top off and then bend her over the couch grabbing her tit with one hand and move her diaper to the side with the other. Your cock plunge’s into her pussy thrusting faster until you feel her orgasm erupting and you pull out and you blow your load all over her back and then watch as her juices pour out of her into her diaper and you lap up her juices from her diaper not leaving a drop. When you are done you change her and kiss her.

What adventure’s will you diaper girl have next?




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