Come Here And Be My Human Toilet!

Dildos, Vibrators and Butt plugs Oh My!
October 12, 2016
Filthy No Taboo Phone Sex!
December 15, 2016

Hi there, ya you there! Come over here and have a seat! I want us to have some fun together and I know we will. I was looking at your history and found some rather hot things I want to do to you! First Come with me to the bathroom and take my pants off I want you yo give me this enema I already have it made for all you have to do is stick in my tiny ass and fill it up! I am going to hold it as long as I can before letting loose all over your face and really covering you with all of my scat! And pee! I know you have a very filthy fantasy I want to play out! For this fantasy I want to make you my toilet! So that means when it’s time I am going to squat over your face and you’re going to eat every drop I give you! Then Slide your cock into my soaking wet pussy and fill me with your cum and then lick that out! Call me for some Extreme fetish Phone Sex!



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