Dildos, Vibrators and Butt plugs Oh My!

Spanking Phone Sex
October 12, 2016
Come Here And Be My Human Toilet!
December 15, 2016


Being a fetish phone sex operator like myself, you end up talking to lots of callers who have all sorts of toys to pleasure themselves with when they call you. The cuckolds and sissy fags mainly have their little side drawer supply of dildos, enemas, butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, anal hooks, strap ons, any toy a little sissy faggot always needs. Then you have your submissive men who have their own arsenal of bdsm related items like chains, whips, ball gags, hand cuffs, crops, muzzles, and so on!. I’ve used a fair share of all those toys on myself and I can say even though they are different and are categorized by different fetish types, they all bring the same amount of pleasure to me! Using them and of course using them on a lover! So how about it? What’s your favorite toy to use or use on a no limits phone sex queen like me?



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