Bound and Gagged

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August 21, 2012
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September 1, 2012
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Bound and Gagged

Oh but you disobeyed me did you not sneaking around at night slipping out thru the windows bad thing to do especially when you got caught.Now look at you all bound and gagged in my basement of torment and this is where you will stay.Until i decide other wise we discussed this earlier in the time that you wanted to be my slave i told you what i expected and that was complete honest with me but no you chose not to be and after only one week.Now tell me even after you signed the papers why did you lie to me and do this was it because you wanted to be punished even more than what has happened.

Now you have crossed so many lines with me i am going to leave you like this until i might cool down and might not.You will just have to stay here and wait and see mean time i am going shopping and out to dinner with some friends and you slave will stay bound and gagged laying on this floor.



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