Financial Domination Phone Sex

Blackmail Phonesex
March 31, 2016
No Limits Phone Sex
May 21, 2016

financial domination

Let me tell you how a brat like me uses blackmail phone sex to get exactly what I want! I love seducing men with my captivating little figure and manipulate them into willingly letting me con them out of all future pay checks! The key is getting them to trust you just enough to open up and reveal to me every little detail I need to hold over their head and threaten them into complying to my demands. There’s always at least one dirty little secret they don’t want getting out to the public so you just have to find out what it is and use it to get whatever it is you want out of them!  It can be anything from money and pampering all the way to completely dominating and controlling every aspect of their lives. You’ll become the spoiled rich bitch you always wanted to be with financial domination phone sex!



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