Furry Fun

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September 12, 2012
September 17, 2012
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Furry Fun

Furry Fun

It’s been a while since I’ve had some furry fun, so today; I asked Daddy if I could put on my furry gear during my play time. Daddy helped me put on my face makeup: little pink nose, long whiskers, and long eyelashes. I put on my kitty ears and Daddy helped me put on my furry kitty tail. It’s my favorite part of dressing up as a kitty, my long pretty tail!

Once I was all ready, Daddy left me alone to have my special play time. I have a little book of my favorite furry pictures. Lots of pretty furry girls all dressed up and playing and posing. I like to curl up and roll around while I look at the pictures and rub my long soft tail between my legs. I meow and lick my paws while I rub against things just like a kitty! Sometimes when Daddy comes in to check on me he scratches me behind my ears or down my back. I love to purr and nuzzle against his legs.

I hold my tail between my legs and move my hips and roll around  making my little mewls come faster and higher and my purrs coming from deep in my tummy till my pussy explodes and I curl up licking my paws again, ready for a kitty nap.

Next time I wanna play with a furry friend. Wanna have some furry fun with me?

love, Lacy


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