little fight
January 17, 2009
messy paint
January 18, 2009

Mommy went out daddy and I want to play that special game. I’ll come sit on your lap and you can put your hand in my diaper and finger my sweet spot. It makes me all messy in my diaper daddy. You will have to change me. But before you put a new diaper on me can you take out that hard thing from your pants and let me suck it. It’s good like my paci. Yes, daddy, I’ll be a good girl and lay on the bed and let you press that hard thing into my wet hole down there. Owww, daddy it hurts. I’m gonna play with my little clitty and make it feel good. Oh daddy are you gonna squirt that warm stuff inside me again. It feels so good. Hurry up and call me daddy, mommy just left.
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