Submissive Island

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March 4, 2013
Panty Sniffer
March 12, 2013
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Submissive Island

The tiny boat has tossed and flipped every which way you seem to have been lost at sea forever with very little water and food has run out seems ages ago.You raise your eyes to the sun beaming down on top of you and the tiny boat something catches your eye like a flash. You raise up in the boat and look around there you see it a tiny dot far off it seems but its like life raft calling you to it.

Sticking your hands into the sea you paddle toward it finally just as the sun starts going down you reach this tiny island.But it so good to see and feel something solid beneath your feet.Since you were lost all you had on your body was a pair of cut offs and even those were worst for wear now.

Wondering even farther into the jungle a stream of water is coming down some rocks and thru some lush greenery so awesome you think.Taking your hands you dip water from the pool it has formed drinking like a starving man because that is what you are.Then a voice from no where says did i give you permission to drink looking up you blink she speaks again asking you did you have permission to drink.Standing on wobble legs you say no but i was very thirsty i have been lost at sea for awhile.She looks over you and tells you if you want to drink or eat anything on this island. You will beg for it first and she might let you if you are a good slave for her.If not you will wish you had stayed on that tiny little boat still lost at sea because she was going to punish you whenever you didn’t do exactly as she instructed.



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