Secret Diaper Boy

Mommy’s Panties
March 6, 2016
Nanny Ella’s Diary – The Beginning
March 14, 2016


He was so sexy and everything he did turned me on and made me so horny. Every time he looked at me with those blue eyes, I felt I was becoming lost at sea and I didn’t care.

I met him at school. We were in class when he asked me if I had an extra pen. When he turned around to talk to me, I was in awe. Everything about him was beautiful. His eyes, the way he shook his blonde hair out of his face and his pretty white smile. Of course the teacher would make us partners for a class project. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. I made sure I looked as sexy but effortless and went to meet him at the library. When we set down to work on the project together he bent over to reach into his backpack when I saw a diaper peeking out! Not only was he gorgeous but he would be my perfect abdl-baby. I wasn’t much help for the project as all I could think about was having hot sexy diaper sex with him.




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