Red panties

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January 7, 2014
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February 4, 2014
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Red panties

I see you are looking at my red pantie’s
put this on while you were taking your shower. I want you to just relax as I put on some music.
Bet you had a long hard day at work and you really wanna unwind.

Watch as I give you the naughtiest night you have ever had. See my sister wanted to come join us tonight and I know you love
to watch her from our bedroom window when she is topless laying in the sun next door.

Look at that she has the same red pantie’s as I do and she forgot her top maybe I should have her help me out of mine.Your eye’s got big as she pulled my red bra off with her teeth. Ooh, and now my finger’s found the way into her pantie’s. Her pussy is really moist would you like to see for your self?

You can come get an up close view as we lick each other’s box’s I just have to push her soaked, pretty red pantie’s to the side that is so much better,hey how did your hand get there? You are a very bad boy! Hmm now you wanna Join us huh? Get out that towel and have some fun so I can spank you for being so bad! hehhehehe Her pussy is so soft and wet isn’t it? You really like it when I grab her pink clit real hard and make her scream! I knew you were into sister’s this is just our little secret, sshhh!.



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