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August 18, 2012
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August 21, 2012
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Pretty Panty Boi

Pretty Panty Boi

I love babysitting my pretty little panty boi. When his mommy and daddy leave him in my care, we always know we’re going to have fun. Before I even get to his house I fantasize about the different panties that he will parade around in for me. I know the excitement he experiences when he dresses up for me will be enough to make a big creamy mess in his pretty panties.

When I finally arrive at his house, I can’t wait until his mommy and daddy leave. Soon we’re alone and we both feel the growing excitement. I walk him upstairs to his room where he keeps his secret stash of panties. Pretty little things in every color you can imagine, made of smooth silky satins and delicate lace. He waits for me to pick the panty I want him to wear for me. Running my fingers over each pair, I pick up a pair of pale blue boy shorts that are a delicious satin with pretty lacy trim

Quickly he takes off his t shirt, shorts, and underwear, exposing himself to me, and then slowly pulls on the panties. I see the way he shivers as the material caresses his skin. Once he has them pulled on completely, his eyes roll back and he runs his hands down his body. He just loves being my pretty panty boi. He moves gently, indulging in the feeling of the panty moving against his skin. After slow and steady teasing, I allow him to touch himself through the panties. His breath becomes ragged almost immidietly as he strokes himself through the thin fabric. His fingers are barely grazing the panties when he bucks his hips and I see his cock twitch underneath the panties, a growing wet spot blossoming.  My sweet pretty panty boi moans and jerks as he finishes creaming his blue panties.

xoxo Babysitter Samantha



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