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May 7, 2018
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May 12, 2018

Have you thought about all the different kinds of locks out there, I think this information might spark some fun and ideas for others. I have been shopping for locks, primarily to put on locking plastic pants, but could just as easily be for chastity, restraints, or locking things away in boxes.

First, Master lock makes a line of Bluetooth Smart Padlocks. They can be set up to unlock via the close proximity of a phone, or someone can temporarily grant another phone access on a schedule, say only during 8a-8p on Tuesdays, or the part I think is most useful, at least for me, a temporary access code that only works for a few minutes. For those playing long distance or while their caretaker is at work, diaper time and changes could be enforced by only the caretakers phone being enabled, and they can send or not send the the code to the phone sex abdl diapered one until they want to. How hot would this be?

The other two are really just the same idea. I found a Timed Lock on Wish, Amazon has the same one for a lot more. I have to test it once I get it, but It basically is a little timer with a wire clasp that won’t open until the timer expires. I could see locking adult plastic diapers with it, a collar, an ankle cuff locked to a playpen, and many other devious ideas. So nice to attach bad adult babies to their playpen.

If it doesn’t pan out I am looking at these locking kitchen safes on Amazon, same ideas, just locking all the keys to traditional locks in the box for a time. Also they have the advantage of being able to be locked for days, weeks, or even months, for those looking at stuff like a collar, chastity, or maybe locking those grown up undies in a lock box for a few weeks. I hope this will hope anyone that has one of those naughty abdl babies that need to be taught adult baby mommy always knows what is best.



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