Fun Filled Fetish Weekend!!

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September 2, 2012
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September 10, 2012
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Fun Filled Fetish Weekend!!

Labor Day! Yay for holidays. Let’s make it the best weekend ever. Call your favorite mommy and let her treat you to your favorite phone fetish fantasy. We cater to all fetishes, so don’t be shy. We know some of you like to be diapered, breastfed, and spanked. Hint hint, those of you who like your good boy spankings. How about some tease and denial. Mistress Ava or Victoria will be happy to treat you to a little domination. Liz and Candy specialize in TLC. And we have so many other wonderful mommies, babysitters, grannies and aunties! Take advantage of our holiday special. TTY Soon,


Mommy Maddy

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