Forced Bi Felching!

Rope Bondage Play
September 25, 2017
Baby Daddy Cuckold?
December 26, 2017

Have you had fantasies about fucking another man, sweetie? About ramming your hard cock inside a tight ass, and pounding it till it’s raw, red, and swollen?  Or being fucked hard yourself? You haven’t had the courage to do anything about it, though, have you? You’re a pussy even with that cock between your legs.  I’ll make it easy for you then. You don’t have a choice. That is what a dominating phone sex Mistress does, after all.  I’ll have you on your knees, your swollen dick sliding in and out of a slick ass.  You will grab his hips, and listen to his deep throated moans as you fuck him silly.  After you finish inside him, I will have you bend over, and do a little felching, dear.  I will have you putting your mouth to that ass you just stopped fucking, and lick and suck all of your cum out of ass, swallowing every tiny bit that you can get in your mouth! What else do you need to be made to do? Call me for your forced bi phone sex to find out.



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