Diaper Demo Pt 4

Edge Play With A Dom Milf
March 2, 2019
submissive, piss kink
Submissive for Daddy!
April 22, 2019

Kenny’s face was bright red, tears streaming down his cheeks as his phone sex Mommy domme had her was with his little pee-pee in front of a whole class of pretty girls! She was making the humiliation so much worse by ignoring his whimpers as she methodically stroked his little dinky, telling the girls all about how much better behaved a whiny adult baby would be after he was milked into his abdl diaper pants. She giggled as his hips thrust up towards her, “Look girls, our little on thinks he’s making diaper porn with Mommy!” Kenny thought he was going to burst and just when he got close she pulled the front of his disposable diaper up and made him have a ruined orgasm inside of it, none of your cummies on mommy silly sissy baby!

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