Daddy’s Submissive Pee Girl

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Painful Anal Sex Kink
May 22, 2019
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Teasing My Roommate
August 2, 2019
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I woke up this morning, my bladder already screaming at me, and I flew out of my bed to go to the bathroom! “Stop.” That’s all I heard, and that was all I needed to stop, even though my thighs immediately came together to keep myself from peeing on the floor right then.  I turned around to face the bed to see my dominant daddy up on his elbows, watching me. He didn’t say anything, didn’t give me any instructions, and I knew not to ask… so I stood there.  He watched and I waited.  I know I couldn’t have been standing there more than a minute or two, but the pressure on my bladder made it seem like hours.  It kept building up till it hurt, making me want to squirm and bend forward to ease it a bit, but his firm no told me that wasn’t allowed when I moved to try.  I stood there with my thighs pressed together so tight that my knees shook, and when my bladder burst, hot piss streaming down my legs to puddle on the floor, I never took my eyes off of Daddy.  He gave me a small approving smile that made me blush harder than my humiliation did, told me to clean up my mess, and laid back down.  He seemed happy with how his training to teach me how to be a good toilet slave was going!  Does the thought of this get you excited? Call me for some pee fetish phone sex.



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