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April 14, 2012
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May 4, 2012
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Corset sex with Crissy

I will give you the most intense corset sex you have ever had.
I am the hot little secret you have waiting for you after a business trip in your hotel room wearing nothing but a corset and a smile.
my hair is splayed all over the bed and as you walk in to the room I have my corset undone and pulled partly down to expose my big round breasts and I am pinching them getting em so hard kinda like my nipples are saying welcome to you.

You start to get so fucking hard at the sight of my mostly naked form on the bed you layed in the night before and pleasured yourself while looking at my hot wet pictures I took just for you.

Getting close to the edge of the bed you start to undress as I watch you my pussy gets so soaking wet at the anticipation of your rock hard cock up inside my slit.

Then you climb on top of me and wet your fingertips and trace rough circles around my nipples knowing I love the feel of my tits being handled roughly. I moan as you drive your big dick into my hot naughty hole.

“fuck my sweaty pussy, you love it when its so wet!” I scream
I dig my nails into your back and your hand trails down to my clit as your piledriving inside me and you can’t help yourself you flick that clit and spit on it and rub it between two fingers driving me further into
sexual hot orgasmic heights.

Our bodies are almost melting together as we cum and cum again.
I can still feel your cock riding me and turning me inside out.
What amazing times we have you and I me your hot little sexy secret and you my busy business man.

Call me again and we can ravage each other all over …
i can watch you on cam during a call
and I also offer text sessions as an alternative to phone sessions.

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