Controlling Your Sissy

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June 17, 2018
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June 26, 2018

A phone sex mistress at all times must take total control of their sissy’s erections and orgasms! You must get them to wear a chastity device, preferably steel and short.

You should put it on them yourself and only you should hold the key. Never refer to her member as a penis, cock, or dick. It is a CLITTY, a SISSY CLITTY, and it deserves to be caged at all times. You must control your own feelings of guilt. Denying her is best for both of you. She should never be permitted to have ANY kind of orgasm without your permission.

You must get into her head, learn her fantasies and what turns her on. Tease her with your words whenever possible and find out what humiliates her. You must keep her sexually aroused as much as possible, talk sexy to her. Tell her you are going to make her do something humiliating, like sucking cock at an adult bookstore, or walking her dressed through the mall. Fondle her through her forced sissification panties, reminding her she’s a sissy, or let her fondle you, telling her to turn you on and make you wet for a real man.

Make her do something humiliating, like wearing a butt-plug for a time. Or maybe make her be naked when you are not or make her masturbate for you. Punish her whenever she displeases you never let her get away with anything. Meaning spank, paddle, or whip her when she needs it. Maybe put Bengay or Icy-Hot on her cock, balls, or anus. No matter what you are doing, or where you are, find ways to tease her. Fondle her through her panties in public or in private.

Whisper sexy or humiliation phone sex in her ear and make her shop for lingerie with you and tell her how cute she will look wearing it. Now I think all these ideas are wonder ways to control your sissy.



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