Candy’s Urine Fetish!

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July 27, 2016
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August 1, 2016
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Candy’s Urine Fetish!


One of my biggest secrets is that I have a urine fetish. I love everything about piss, it’s such an intimate action, and it really turns me on when someone else is into urine play. I really enjoy having a man kneeling at my feet in the shower, as I piss all over his body and face. It’s such a turn on! But if they’ve been really naughty, I sit on their face and piss all over them as they struggle to breathe, and then humiliate them further by making them lick my piss off the hardwood floor. I’ve also made naughty men piss into bottles and then drink it while I watch. I don’t limit urine play just to men, I love getting back at an uppity bitch by pissing all over her bossy little face and dominating the fuck out of her. If you have a urine fetish, I’m definitely the girl for you!




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