Bedtime Story!

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July 29, 2015
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August 8, 2015
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Bedtime Story!

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                                               Hello, good evening. I heard that you might be looking for a bed time story, before bedtime. I have just the story for you. It all happened one Sunday evening, babysitting Baby Issac. I had to change his stinky diaper. I haven’t smelled anything so smelly, for a long time. I think he was sitting in his poopy diaper for two days. I had to use extra baby powder, to wash his bum bum. I fed him my delicious breast milk, right after changing him. It helped him to relax, from his stressful day. I let him drink my milk, until he wasn’t thirsty anymore. I let him spend the night too, in my new nursery. I just decorated it the other day. I painted the nursery walls pink. I decided to put him in his new pink adult baby pajamas. I chose the pink pajamas, with the feet. I thought he’d look cute in them. I liked watching him sleep, with his thumb in his mouth. The next morning Baby Issac woke up, wanting his diaper changed. I could smell his dirty diaper, as soon as I walked into the nursery. I brought him a fresh diaper, from under the changing table. I offered my breast milk again, before picking out his outfit. I laid him in my arms, so he could quench his thirst. I picked out one of Issac’s new purple flowered dress. It looked amazing on him. I made him look like my own little personal baby girl. I sure hope you enjoyed reading this bedtime story. Let me know if you want me to read you one, as well.

Mommy Janey




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