Anal Hook Experience

Cuckold Diaper Baby pt 2
July 22, 2018
Playtime with Diaper Baby Barbie!
August 4, 2018

You are looking for the first time the dirty bdsm Anal hook. You were shocked to see how hard and intimidating it looked, the heavy cold metal curled to a ominous steel ball.

You have been talking about it for weeks to your girlfriend, she was keen to indulge your fantasy, but she looked concerned for you when she pulled the hook from your naughty box a black leather collar, attached chain which slowly uncoiled to reveal the large dangling silver hook on the end.

You stood naked in front of the mirror while she fitted the phone sex collar around your neck while the cold chain swung brushing back and forth against your spine. Linked to the front of the collar the chained clamps bit down on your nipples sending tingle through your body.

She guided you onto the bed and on all fours. She lubed up the hooks firm ball and stroked by tight pink hole awakening you. Suddenly a cold hard pressure touched you and started to force its way in, just as you started to say “hold on a moment” your ass opened and sucked the cool metal arch of the hook sliding deep inside sending spasms through your body and hardening your now dripping cock.

She re-attached the chain to the colar measuring so that it was loose enough for you to sit straight, but tight enough that the smallest hip movement forced the hook deeper within you.

She layed spread open before you, you slid into her, both of us moaning with pleasure. Each thrust into her pulled the chain taught the bdsm collar griped against your throat while the hook curled in deeper.

Each thrust brought the hiss of the chain shifting and sweat ran down your back, into your crack to meet the lubed steel. Each movement of the hook stroking you from within and hardening your cock more. In a matter of minutes she was grabbing you, scratching your back with her nails and tensing her body as she came and moments later you joined her exploding within her until you both collapsed laughing sweaty and overjoyed with the new toys!



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