The Border Gets Caught Part 3

Getting Really Messy!
May 21, 2016
Femdom Phone Sex
May 23, 2016

Phone sexI was done with my hand since his bottom was getting nice and red, my hand grew a bit tired.  I grabbed the hairbrush and while watching him wriggle laid 3 hard smacks on each of his cheeks in rapid succession. WHACK WHACK WHACK!  He started crying now as I looked down at him on my lap a pathetic excuse for a man getting his bottom well spanked like a naughty two-year-old.  I brought that nice oak hairbrush down ten more times on each cheek rapidly until he was bawling and as I was doing it I exclaimed we were just getting started.  I wanted him to feel his decision to defy me and wear panties in my house.  Dropping the hairbrush on the bed it was time for the wooden spoon to the backs of his thighs.  Twenty quick smacks on each cheek and I set that aside as well.  Finally, I grabbed the maple paddle with the holes all drilled into it and raised it high above my head to bring it crashing down on his crimson bottom.  He screamed even through the penis gag and I saw the purple bruising forming.  Twenty more and he was a blubbering mess over my lap pleading for no more.  I set down the paddle and laughed!  Call me for a more severe spanking when the normal one isn’t enough.  I love to spank naughty men and women.

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